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SGM Healthcare Economy Strategic Solutions

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SGM is a healthcare-only strategy shop.  Generalists and process-centric strategy consultants will provide...Process-centric general strategy 

SGM only offers strategic solutions to organizations seeking access and marketshare within the healthcare economy. Our knowledge of the healthcare economic terrain brings a level of focus and relevance to our strategy deliverables unmatched by generalists. We work with industry leaders representing all facits of healthcare from clinicians, to diagnosticians, to practice managers, and those from this highest levels of hospital and health system administration. 

Our knowledge of healthcare and strategic positioning continues to grow as we focus on only those aspects in our training and consulting services with our growing list of clients and associates. This helps to ensure that the solutions we bring to our constituents is of the highest relevance to current and evolving challenges.


Our healthcare industry is changing more frequently than I have observed in well over 30 years in the pharmaceutical/biotech industry.  Working with SGM Inc. for 10+ years kept us strategically focused on "what we need to rely upon to win."  The "feature/benefit...data dump" sales approach no longer works. The Sales & Marketing approach taken by SGM is vital to success in our ever changing market.--Lou Wood

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Workshop Pre-Work, Videos, Tutorials, Reinforcement Tools, Coaching Materials, Articles, and Resources concerning Healthcare & Strategy for SGM clients are available here!

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