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SGM Keynote Talks


At Stovall Grainger Modleski, Inc. (SGM) we believe there are many things that influence performance and the following SGM Performance Equation™ captures some of the most important elements of both individual and team performance.

Strategy + Leadership + Inspiration = High Performance™

We deliver dynamic and highly relevant presentations that will be engaging, thought provoking and even perhaps life changing. We do this across the entire spectrum of the areas we’ve identified in our Performance Equation™.

The performance equation defines our areas of strength in working along side your team. Building Competitive Immunity™ will help your organization understand strategy and execute strategically, Active Leadership™ will provide a strategy to lead as well as a method to improve teamwork, and the "Path to Success" will inspire your team.

Let’s work together to make your team a high performing one.  Email us with your need, and we will respond right away.

Go Behind The Curtain

Workshop Pre-Work, Videos, Tutorials, Reinforcement Tools, Coaching Materials, Articles, and Resources concerning Healthcare & Strategy for SGM clients are available here!

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