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Tom Stovall - SGM Founder and President

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A founder and past President (now retired) of Stovall Grainger Modleski Inc., Tom was responsible for consulting services, and for the development and instruction of executive, general management, sales, marketing, leadership and professional development programs for his clients.  His key focus was on strategic positioning with a particular focus in the healthcare marketplace.

Tom has over 45 years of experience in the healthcare industry in various sales, sales management, training, and administrative positions.  This includes positions as Territory Manager, Hospital Specialist, Training Director, and District Sales Manager with Reid-Provident Pharmaceuticals and Hoechst Pharmaceuticals. His consulting experience is 30+ years.

His consulting relationships with healthcare provider organizations, pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostic imaging, medical equipment, and radiology clients were in organizational strategy, strategic WarGaming, key account strategy and competitive positioning. He has a strong understanding of the provider-side of healthcare, matched with a keen understanding of strategy, to assist his clients in their competitive positioning.

Tom’s work with the US Air Force includes speaking on strategic leadership and on “WarGaming” activities. Tom has spoken on “Sun Tzu’s Application of Strategy” at the US Air Force Air Command Staff College in Montgomery and at the War College. He has also done consulting work on strategic positioning and Strategic WarGaming with the US Air Force Space Command Group in Colorado Springs.

He was also invited to attend the National Security Forum at the Air War College in Montgomery.  This is a one-time honor that is given to approximately 130 guests from leadership positions in the fields of business, the clergy, education, government, law, media and medicine. The primary objective of this annual forum is a candid exchange of views on national security matters between invited guests, Air War College students, and senior military and civilian leaders. The week long forum is devoted to exploring the many issues that affect the current and future security of our country. Tom is currently a member of the alumni association for the NSF.

Tom studied pre-pharmacy at KennesawState University prior to joining the US Navy where he worked in a hospital pharmacy at the Naval Training Station in Orlando. After his Honorable Discharge from the Navy Tom continued his education in Business Management at Rutgers University. He studied Organizational Development at Western Connecticut University and Marketing Strategy at the University of Maryland.

Besides being a “techie,” he is also an accomplished photographer with interests in Nikon Digital equipment, photography, and videography that includes nature, airshows, landscapes, and his daughter’s sports activities (www.tomstovall.com). He and his daughter, Lauren, currently live in Centreville, Virginia.  Tom has a son, Tom Jr., and a daughter-in-law, Chris, a granddaughter, Jordan, and grandson, Logan who live in Cleveland, TN. He loves spending his retirement with his family exploring and photographing nature all around the US. He is currently the Resident Photographer in Nature & Landscapes at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in Vienna, Virginia.  He has won several awards in nature photography and has had his photography published in several local, regional, and national publications and books.


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Books: "Building Competitive Immunity," 2007, 2009 by Tom Stovall and Dustin Grainger

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