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The Importance of Speed in Building Competitve AdvantageDownloadThe brilliant military strategist, John Boyd, has written many articles regarding the key element of "speed" when performing in a highly competitive arena. In this article, we look at the competitive advantage of using knowlege of self, other, and terrai
Sustaining Competitive Advantage: What is Your Personal Strategy?DownloadIf part of strategy is about “sticking to your knitting” and not trying to be all things to all people, then how can you be flexible enough to proactively change while not abandoning your competency base while chasing at rainbows?
Words to ForgetDownload"Value, Partnership, Consultative, and Strategy" have become mired in the taint of maladaptation, insincerity and superficiality. Instead of saying those words, behave the words.
The Wisdom of WolvesDownloadA Wolf Pack as described below is a “strategic organization” in every sense of the word.
Strategy...Chill Out About It!DownloadLet's not make an already robust process unnecessarily onerous and prone to a meltdown. Chill out about it and focus on…
Are You Achieving Your Objectives?DownloadNear the end of the month, quarter, fiscal year, we begin to get very serious about "hitting the numbers." What can we do to improve the likelihood of achieving those objectives instead of constantly feeling pressure and worrying?
About That Mature Product of Yours...DownloadGood brand management requires a balancing act between keeping a mature brand’s net contribution strong and maybe stronger, while making sure that it doesn’t die on the homestretch vine.
I'm Getting Beat on Cost!DownloadUnderstand that as you gain higher level, higher quality terrain information; your account level strategic plan should evolve and move you closer to Building Competitive Immunity.
C-Suite Access...Stop It Right Now Before You Hurt Yourself!DownloadThe phrase “C-Suite Access” is now firmly installed on row one of the catch phrase-industry jargon slang Pantheon—Hall of Fame. Strategists spend great amounts of time in advance preparation for such calls.

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