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SGM Competitive Positioning & WarGaming™

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Stovall Grainger Modleski WarGaming™ for Product Launch and New Competition

The Stovall Grainger Modleski WarGaming Approach:

Rigorous and time tested processes are in place to assure as much objectivity in our brand planning processes. There will always be however, some element of internal bias in our strategic approach. Additionally, “another set of eyes” always yields additional insight and objectivity. The SGM WarGaming™ process offers this next level of objectivity.

The SGM WarGame™ offers brand strategists the option of creating simulations that objectively test assumptions about positioning, resource deployment, competitive responses and marketplace acceptance. The Brand Wargaming Simulation allows marketers to presuppose the competitive roles and craft an abundance of competitive brand responses to your assumed best strategies. It’s not always fun but objectivity is demanded as team members assuming the role of competitors attempt in earnest to minimize the success of your launch strategy or take market share from you with their launch.

The term “WarGame” is used to describe any type of competitive modeling to determine strategic positioning and tactical implementation for a product within a particular market context. The simulation should be team based and pre-work driven. An optimal Strategic WarGame should involve the necessary number of competitive teams who will strive to either gain a competitive advantage versus your brand or at minimum, weaken its best position(s). 

The key objectives should include but are not limited to:

  • Validating current positioning considerations and assumptions.
  • Conceptualizing and prepare additional strategic positions for consideration.
  • Challenging the Brand’s ability to tactically support the validated positions of strength.
  • Testing alternative launch strategies
  • Put yourself in your competitor’s shoes
  • Proactively prepare for potential competitive responses to the Brands Launch.

All Stovall Grainger Modleski WarGame™ scenarios are highly customized and offer great latitude regarding depth and breadth of participants as well as the number of arms-treatments included in the process.

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