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"By implementing the ideas and strategies discussed, I believe I will achieve greater personal and professional credibility, more focus on the business needs of my clients, I will elevate contacts and relationship which will all fall to the bottom-line success."

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What SGM Believes

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Customer Access... both physical and visceral... isn't going to get better. 

But there are brands and people who will always have it.  So what's the secret?

Reach and Frequency? Share of Voice? Sure. But current healthcare economic complexities demand more than these parity tactics.

At SGM, we believe that...

  • Healthcare providers are amidst dramatic changes in virtually every aspect of how they deliver clinical value. So it makes sense that suppliers should courageously assess and redefine how they deliver value.
  • Tried and true tactics that have served suppliers well for seventy years shouldn’t be forgotten but they are no longer enough.
  • Sales and marketing organizations will achieve greater success if they understand the synergy between strategy and marketplace terrain insights.
  • Strategy is for everyone—at every level. We would rather see strategically grounded tactical implementers than just tactical—tactical implementers. And guess what? So would your customers.
  • Simply saying that your organization needs to call higher or at the "C-Level" will not prepare them to do so.
  • There is a level of understanding, skills, and accountability that must be developed, coached, and required so that every member of your sales and marketing team can be successful and competitive both now and for the future.

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Workshop Pre-Work, Videos, Tutorials, Reinforcement Tools, Coaching Materials, Articles, and Resources concerning Healthcare & Strategy for SGM clients are available here!

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