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Why Building Competitive Immunity™?

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The ancient Chinese Warrior General, Sun Tzu, said, “The key to victory in competition is not in defeating your competitor, but in defeating his strategy, for therein lies his vulnerability.”

Stovall Grainger Modleski Inc. consultants have over 45 years of healthcare and consulting experience to provide the strategic skills necessary to achieve greater success in a competitive marketplace. These clients include Fortune 100 Companies, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical/biotech, laboratory diagnostics, and medical device organizations, as well as the US Air Force. Our focus is on competitive positioning: Strategy.

Why is Strategy so important?

Selling in today’s evolving marketplace is challenging. The sales and marketing skills that worked in the past do not necessarily achieve the same level of effectiveness. Customers are more sophisticated in their process for selecting products and establishing industry relationships. Additionally, the criteria they now include emphasize both clinical and economic variables equally. These customers are concerned about clinical and economic performance. They feel that most sales people lack the interest or insight necessary to be developing a more consultative relationship.

Since our historical approach to most of our customers has and continues to be product focused, access to higher level decision makers has declined and the credibility we once had with current customers has also diminished.  The actual face time that sales people have in front of decision makers becomes even more rare.  And much of that time is spent in brief dialogue with very little true interaction.  Hence, we read about the recent "restructuring" of sales organizations partly due to their lack of effective positioning and customer access. This all goes back to the decreased sense of value that some potential customers see from these industry representatives.

Something must change here!

We believe firmly that there is heightened competitive advantage to be gained through increased understanding of current customer business issues coupled with a more facile orientation toward strategy. Business planning, resource deployment, management and leadership posture, as well as positioning product for competitive advantage are all positively impacted by heightened strategic and industry terrain/business acumen.

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Go Behind The Curtain

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