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Companies that understand the healthcare terrain can focus their
value proposition, their time, and their resources in ways that make compelling
clinical and business sense to each customer.

SGM is a Training and Consulting collaborative that understands the
healthcare marketplace
and knows the power of strategy.


SGM is a healthcare-only strategy shop.

Generalists and process-centric strategy consultants
will provide...Process-centric general solutions.

Customer Access...both physical and visceral...isn't going to get easier.

But there are brands and people who will always have it.  So what's the secret?

Process Centric Strategic Generalists will over-deliver... On Process.

We are Healthcare Centric Strategists and we are masters of
the current healthcare economic terrain.

"The approach taught by SGM challenges you to think and act differently in
your marketplace...to THRIVE rather than SURVIVE!  It questions your capabilities
while helping you realize your true market potential. It forces you to determine
and focus on 'that something' that you can rely upon to win."



Organizations can no longer afford to continue with an approach 
relying on information that is "far from the field."

SGM believes that Access, Strategy, Competitiveness, Healthcare Terrain Knowledge, and Rapid Decision Making are all critical to short and long-term success.

How can the SGM Team help You and Your Organization Build Competitive Immunity®?

Learn about Building Competitive Immunity™ and the issues, challenges, and opportunities we can help to address.

"A must read for all sales and marketing leaders"

Building Competitive Immunity - A Strategic Approach to Sales Success in the Healthcare Marketplace by Tom Stovall & Dustin Grainger


Go Behind The Curtain

Workshop Pre-Work, Videos, Tutorials, Reinforcement Tools, Coaching Materials, Articles, and Resources concerning Healthcare & Strategy for SGM clients are available here!

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